Our ranch-style homes have a living room, dining room and kitchen, and 10-12 bedrooms. Each bedroom has a private half bath with 18” toilet (ADA approved). We invite our residents to decorate their own rooms so they feel at home; we can provide a twin bed, night stand, lamp and chest of drawers.

Basic cable TV is provided; premium channels are paid for by residents. A call system is used to provide assistance to our residents. Telephone outlets are available in each room; however, residents order and pay for their own line.

We provide linens and towels; laundry is done weekly, or as needed. Rooms are cleaned and maintained routinely. Personal laundry is done as needed.

We have either a tub room or a walk-in shower room – bathing schedules are posted.

We provide medication oversight. All medications are kept in bubble packs to maintain safety. Our staff are trained and state certified to pass out medications in accordance with doctor’s orders. We cannot give shots.

Social interaction of our residents is part of our commitment to constant improvement in the standard of living. A monthly activity calendar is posted monthly.

We serve three meals a day plus snacks. Due to the fact that we serve family-style meals, and we allow residents their freedom of choice, we cannot offer strict therapeutic diets, but we will make every effort to oversee restricted calorie, low-salt, low-sugar and gluten-free diets as ordered by someone’s physician.